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Out and About

Posted in 1 on March 17, 2010 by Mike Wittman

Hey, just a notice to anyone wondering.  I’ve been busy recently playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and League of Legends with a bunch of my friends.  As such, I haven’t had much time devoted to Eve recently.  I should be back into the capsule in a few days and a new blog post to go with it.

Fly reckless!


Blob Wars: 2010

Posted in 1 on March 11, 2010 by Mike Wittman

New Ship, New Friend, New Killma… wait, nevermind.

After a solid chunk of time without a good roam,  I once again returned to the skies for some good old pillaging and plundering.  At first it seemed as if the plan would flop and we would all spend the night spinning ships.  Luckily, a novice, yet capable, FC volunteered to take us through lowsec.  While we did not end up engaging anything, the exercise proved invaluable to two of our five-man fleet.  Nobodee, who just recently started playing, and LGZombie (a personal friend of mine) who started not two day ago both did exceptionally  well as far as fleet movement goes.  The experience of being out there helped both become better players.

But enough of the praise, let’s get to the grit.  I may have some aura around me that attracts these sorts of things, but it seems like half of the roams I go on get blobbed by 20+ man fleets.  It was a testament to everyone involved tonight that no ships were lost when we got caught on a gate after a poorly spread warp.  If you’ve learned anything from reading my past posts, you probably know that I love new ships.  For the first time in a long time, I purchased a flew a Vagabond.  I love it.  Speed, firepower, a decent buffer – this ship has everything I like in a small-medium sized package.  I don’t know how I expect to fly all of the ships I’ve managed to stockpile in Tannolen VI; I suppose there’s nothing wrong with having plenty to choose from.  To be honest, I was worried about how viable the vaga would be in a post-nano universe.  Those worries were put aside after I burned off of the Oinasiken gate, underwear soiled, as assorted faction and non-faction battleships pummeled my stern.

A bit of false advertising.

Okay, so the title of the blog is fairly misleading.  There was no super-duper one-upping blob war in lowsec this time.  The current title, however, is far more interesting than, “We ran away a lot!”  Sadly, tonight’s events have only served to strengthen my resolve against flying the dreaded Battleship.

I’m not sure if my blog is popular enough to get my questions answered, though I’m curious to know how fellow Minmatar pilots feel about the viability of the Vagabond in our post-nano Eve.  Even if you don’t fly scaffolding explosions like I do, I’m curious to know how you feel about the one useful HAC Minnies have.  Let’s face it, the Muninn is about is useful as the Eagle… not very.

Also, it’s no longer Wednesday and I apologize.  Despite my desire to update this as close to daily as I can get, I’m having a hard time finding things to write about.  (Once again, not sure if enough people read this, but I encourage all of you to leave comments with whatever you want me to write about.)  I know I put notice saying I’ll update Wednesdays and Saturdays, but we’ll see how that works for me.    Such is the plague that many face though.  Although, I meant to get a s0lid schedule down for when I post blogs, but I didn’t have much to write about until a few hours ago.

Size Matters

Posted in 1 on March 8, 2010 by Mike Wittman

The Big, The Bad, and the Annoying
Earlier today (read as, yesterday, it’s past midnight) I was involved in the first POS (player owned station) defense of my career. It actually amazed me that I had never been on the receiving end of a siege in my four odd years of Eve.  Sure, any sort of fleet action you can get is going to be fun, but the order of today was a BS blob.  Sadly, I hate larger ships. The problem with living in low security space is that you’re always one step away from being smacked in the face by someone’s battleship(s), or (neptune forbid) getting hotdropped by a carrier. As cool as capital ships are, I much much much much much much much (have I made my point?) prefer Battlecruiser and under to fly. I’m a fan of a balanced ship. To me, Battleships are too cumbersome and I loathe having to stare at at least one of them in my hanger. That being said, I lost a Typhoon class BS today – my first loss since joining Immortalis Inc. almost two weeks ago.  I can’t say that I’m going to miss the thing; it looked like a slug and was almost fully covered by insurance.  Also, that death assisted the kill of an Armageddon.  Later, when we returned to the POS under siege, we managed to cause the opposing fleet to scramble as we jumped in, cyno’d, tackled, and hotdropped an Aeon on them, resulting in the kills of a Damnation, a Megathron, and another Megathron.

As much as I enjoy killing, I don’t like blobbing – essentially what we did to those guys.  What I like even less than blobbing is hot dropping a capital ship (or two) onto enemies.  I especially hate it the other way around.  I’m sure I made this point clear in my last paragraph, but the whole “one-upped your rinky dinky fleet!” mentality in Eve bugs me sometimes.  In my ideal world, true 1v1s would be common, and everyone says GF in local after the action –  I hardly consider smartbombing someone as they pass through the gate worthy of a “gf.”  But that’s just my two isk.

Bang for the Buck

Most everything I fly has a good spread between the ability to deal damage, take it, and/or avoid it. Hence why my Sleipnir claims the header space above this entry. To me, the Sleip is the perfect low security ship. It has a LOT of firepower, outgunning all of my other ships. Also, it comes complete with a massive tank, due in no small part to a faction grade X-Large shield booster, and finally rounds it off by being faster than most cruisers when gunning full speed. (Albeit not nearly as maneuverable) The only real downside to flying that thing is the ludicrous cost.  I believe that my Sleip’s total pricetag is set somewhere just below half a billion isk.  Whether or not it’s actually worth that price to fly remains to be seen, when I can almost fully insure a Hurricane and just pay for mods.  But that brings me to my next point, battlecruisers.  BCs are the absolute BEST bang-for-your-buck ships that you will get in Eve.  In addition to being well balanced ships, they remain fairly cheap (sitting at least below 40million isk, usually).  Every single one can also be fit exceedingly well for any situation… yes, even a DPS drake…. (./me shudders).  So if you take anything from this blog, be it that:

A. Mike hates battleships.

B. Mike really hates capitals.

C. Mike would appreciate you not popping his Sleipnir.

D. Mike thinks you should fly battlecruisers more.


You know, for a sandbox, there’s not a lot of sand.

Posted in 1 on March 5, 2010 by Mike Wittman

There’s just a whole lot of space.
I’ve had an “on again, off again” relationship with Eve online for quite a few years now. I have a habit of getting somewhat involved with a corporation, logging in every now and again to do stuff with them, then eventually fading out and unsubbing. Though, despite having left Eve more times than any other game (By coming back this time, I’ve beaten my record for Planetside), I’ve also returned the most. There is just something inherit in the way Eve is that makes me love everything the game stands for, “the sandbox” is a term CCP loves to wave around. In the sandbox, 95% of content is emergent from players interacting. To me, it’s just about the coolest thing that a game can be about. Of course, as stated earlier, CCP really has a hardon for “the sandbox,” so much so that they made a commercial for it. (Albiet a rather cool one)

In fact, I absolutely love the way CCP puts out these incredible cinematic videos. I’ve always wanted to get involved in machinima/movie making, and every time I watch one of CCPs trailers I get inspired. Hopefully I’ll be inspired enough to actually follow through with learning how to do these videos one day, but for now this blog is already one I’ve scratched off of my list of things to do.

If you guys ever have any questions or would like me to write about something, please drop me an evemail ingame.

Fly reckless!

Caution, Objects in mirror may be massive

Posted in 1 on March 3, 2010 by Mike Wittman

So, I found a rather awesome youtube video while perusing through one of my favorite Eve blogs.

I’m not one to gawk over a game’s selling points… sure, Eve is the biggest MMO in existence if you count playable space.  Also, it touts big ships.  Cool story CCP!  Though that really sort of changed for me after watching this video… holy shit are these things big.

Like… really big.  The kind of big that makes me REALLY want Incarna to come out faster.  Though I’ve got some stuff to do tonight so I’m going to put my thoughts on Incarna expansion off until another blog.

Fly reckless! o7

A bit of this and a bit of that.

Posted in 1 on March 2, 2010 by Mike Wittman

Big Spender

I was not born with the gift of frugality.  While many new players were/are intimidated by the overwhelming options, I saw my opportunity to purchase, customize, and do a whole lot of ship spinning!   Sadly, I wasn’t gifted with patience either; I might as well have the attention span of a rodent when it comes to missioning.  This, of course, did not stop me from buying a Navy Issue Raven and fitting it for missions a few months back in the hope that maybe I could be assed to carebear a bit.  (Bear in mind that the aforementioned ship was used once before I nearly cried myself to sleep whilst ‘worlds collided.’ )  For a while I had difficulty funding my spending habits in-game, though I’ve since managed to amass a few billions by making graphic art banners and signatures for players, corporations, and websites.  Though I wouldn’t consider it my best, a few samples of my work can be found on the battleclinic kill signatures (Here,  Here, Here, and Here).

Shameless plug: If you need/would like a banner, forum signature, mural, bust, etc.  please contact me.  Will design for isk!

In addition to doing those kill sigs for BattleClinic, I also created what I would consider my best work ever for a Griefwatch template.  Although I was paid a pretty penny for the 23 and a half hours of work I put into it, it’s still not available as an option to pick.  (Aww!)


If I were to be so arrogant to assume you may have heard of me, it would have probably been on Akuma Nei. (Who has since been sold off for iskies)  Once upon a time, I was quite active on the BattleClinic and EveGFX forums.  Though, as with just about everything in life, you can only enjoy something for so long.  Even though I purchased a rather high-SP gallente character to try out a new facet of the game, I just could not remain interested.

Rewind a few years and funny enough I started playing (way back in 2006) as an Amarr Khanid – Corbin Dirks.    When the whole “defending newbie miners from high-sec belt rats” didn’t work out, I moved on to piracy.  Now, in the off chance that MindHack reads this, please forgive me for forgetting the name of the old corp.  To be honest, I was such a noob back then that I could barely ransom an NPC rat, let alone a player.

Jump back to the present and I can confidently say I’ve progressed quite a bit.  As I type this very post, I’m hanging out in my new Loki (brand new… like i said, I spend a lot!) shooting at some unlucky carebear’s crap.  If all goes well, I may make a solid -10 tonight.

Too young to reminisce

While I was writing that last section, I found myself thinking back to all the good times I’ve had across many different corporations and alliances.  I waffle so much when it comes to what i want to fly, that I’ve flown almost every single ship in the game (sub-capital) and have had a character of every race.  When I initially made this blog, I wanted entries to be brief and frequent.   So instead of giving you my full history in eve, I’m going to cut it short for now.  (That way I won’t have to pull content out of my ass in the future!)

Well, good night Space Cowboys.  May you fly reckless and all your shots be wrecking.


They see me sittin’ … they hatin’

Posted in 1 on March 2, 2010 by Mike Wittman

Piracy for Dummies

Gate camping is without a doubt the safest and easiest way to get kills as a pirate.  Presuming you do it correctly and have scouts, you don’t need to worry about getting blobbed.  Not to mention that the kills come to you.  Find a good spot and you’ll be rolling in more corp killmails than you can shake a Stabber at.

Although much maligned by those who fall to them, no one can argue that gate camping is what makes lowsec space so dangerous for the average traveler – doubly so for nullsec.  I was never much of a gatecamper myself, as most of my previous PVP experience came from highsec wardeccing.  (Read as: griefing)  However, with my recent employment with Immortalis Inc., I find that I would like nothing more than to park my junkheap near a gate and shoot whatever comes through.

Getting the word out

In a way, it’s a matter of recognition for me.  When you go out and get shot at for being -10, you’re a victim with teeth, not a pirate.  When a vexor or a drake jumps into your turf and you fill him full of autocannon shells, he knows you’re a pirate, you know you’re a pirate, and those who (s)he rages to sure as hell know you’re a pirate.  Although the camp that spawned this entry was actually pretty slow as far as killing stuff goes, it brought the alliance together in a way that roams don’t.  Not saying that I don’t like roams… in fact sitting on a gate can only be so fun.  Though there is nothing quite like hanging out on a gate listening to hilarious “ventrilo harassment” clips on youtube played through my “DJ Mike” bot.

Yeah, it’s not fair at all for those involved.  Yeah, it’s easily considered griefing, and yeah, you can make some justification about them knowing the risks.  But when it comes down to it, I love gate camping, and regardless of the downtime, owning face in my broadsword holds a place in my heart.

Well, that about wraps up this entry.  Thanks for reading!

EDIT: If you’re wondering what else we listened to, this was a hit.