A bit of this and a bit of that.

Big Spender

I was not born with the gift of frugality.  While many new players were/are intimidated by the overwhelming options, I saw my opportunity to purchase, customize, and do a whole lot of ship spinning!   Sadly, I wasn’t gifted with patience either; I might as well have the attention span of a rodent when it comes to missioning.  This, of course, did not stop me from buying a Navy Issue Raven and fitting it for missions a few months back in the hope that maybe I could be assed to carebear a bit.  (Bear in mind that the aforementioned ship was used once before I nearly cried myself to sleep whilst ‘worlds collided.’ )  For a while I had difficulty funding my spending habits in-game, though I’ve since managed to amass a few billions by making graphic art banners and signatures for players, corporations, and websites.  Though I wouldn’t consider it my best, a few samples of my work can be found on the battleclinic kill signatures (Here,  Here, Here, and Here).

Shameless plug: If you need/would like a banner, forum signature, mural, bust, etc.  please contact me.  Will design for isk!

In addition to doing those kill sigs for BattleClinic, I also created what I would consider my best work ever for a Griefwatch template.  Although I was paid a pretty penny for the 23 and a half hours of work I put into it, it’s still not available as an option to pick.  (Aww!)


If I were to be so arrogant to assume you may have heard of me, it would have probably been on Akuma Nei. (Who has since been sold off for iskies)  Once upon a time, I was quite active on the BattleClinic and EveGFX forums.  Though, as with just about everything in life, you can only enjoy something for so long.  Even though I purchased a rather high-SP gallente character to try out a new facet of the game, I just could not remain interested.

Rewind a few years and funny enough I started playing (way back in 2006) as an Amarr Khanid – Corbin Dirks.    When the whole “defending newbie miners from high-sec belt rats” didn’t work out, I moved on to piracy.  Now, in the off chance that MindHack reads this, please forgive me for forgetting the name of the old corp.  To be honest, I was such a noob back then that I could barely ransom an NPC rat, let alone a player.

Jump back to the present and I can confidently say I’ve progressed quite a bit.  As I type this very post, I’m hanging out in my new Loki (brand new… like i said, I spend a lot!) shooting at some unlucky carebear’s crap.  If all goes well, I may make a solid -10 tonight.

Too young to reminisce

While I was writing that last section, I found myself thinking back to all the good times I’ve had across many different corporations and alliances.  I waffle so much when it comes to what i want to fly, that I’ve flown almost every single ship in the game (sub-capital) and have had a character of every race.  When I initially made this blog, I wanted entries to be brief and frequent.   So instead of giving you my full history in eve, I’m going to cut it short for now.  (That way I won’t have to pull content out of my ass in the future!)

Well, good night Space Cowboys.  May you fly reckless and all your shots be wrecking.



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  1. “shooting at some unlucky carebear’s crap”


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