They see me sittin’ … they hatin’

Piracy for Dummies

Gate camping is without a doubt the safest and easiest way to get kills as a pirate.  Presuming you do it correctly and have scouts, you don’t need to worry about getting blobbed.  Not to mention that the kills come to you.  Find a good spot and you’ll be rolling in more corp killmails than you can shake a Stabber at.

Although much maligned by those who fall to them, no one can argue that gate camping is what makes lowsec space so dangerous for the average traveler – doubly so for nullsec.  I was never much of a gatecamper myself, as most of my previous PVP experience came from highsec wardeccing.  (Read as: griefing)  However, with my recent employment with Immortalis Inc., I find that I would like nothing more than to park my junkheap near a gate and shoot whatever comes through.

Getting the word out

In a way, it’s a matter of recognition for me.  When you go out and get shot at for being -10, you’re a victim with teeth, not a pirate.  When a vexor or a drake jumps into your turf and you fill him full of autocannon shells, he knows you’re a pirate, you know you’re a pirate, and those who (s)he rages to sure as hell know you’re a pirate.  Although the camp that spawned this entry was actually pretty slow as far as killing stuff goes, it brought the alliance together in a way that roams don’t.  Not saying that I don’t like roams… in fact sitting on a gate can only be so fun.  Though there is nothing quite like hanging out on a gate listening to hilarious “ventrilo harassment” clips on youtube played through my “DJ Mike” bot.

Yeah, it’s not fair at all for those involved.  Yeah, it’s easily considered griefing, and yeah, you can make some justification about them knowing the risks.  But when it comes down to it, I love gate camping, and regardless of the downtime, owning face in my broadsword holds a place in my heart.

Well, that about wraps up this entry.  Thanks for reading!

EDIT: If you’re wondering what else we listened to, this was a hit.


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