Size Matters

The Big, The Bad, and the Annoying
Earlier today (read as, yesterday, it’s past midnight) I was involved in the first POS (player owned station) defense of my career. It actually amazed me that I had never been on the receiving end of a siege in my four odd years of Eve.  Sure, any sort of fleet action you can get is going to be fun, but the order of today was a BS blob.  Sadly, I hate larger ships. The problem with living in low security space is that you’re always one step away from being smacked in the face by someone’s battleship(s), or (neptune forbid) getting hotdropped by a carrier. As cool as capital ships are, I much much much much much much much (have I made my point?) prefer Battlecruiser and under to fly. I’m a fan of a balanced ship. To me, Battleships are too cumbersome and I loathe having to stare at at least one of them in my hanger. That being said, I lost a Typhoon class BS today – my first loss since joining Immortalis Inc. almost two weeks ago.  I can’t say that I’m going to miss the thing; it looked like a slug and was almost fully covered by insurance.  Also, that death assisted the kill of an Armageddon.  Later, when we returned to the POS under siege, we managed to cause the opposing fleet to scramble as we jumped in, cyno’d, tackled, and hotdropped an Aeon on them, resulting in the kills of a Damnation, a Megathron, and another Megathron.

As much as I enjoy killing, I don’t like blobbing – essentially what we did to those guys.  What I like even less than blobbing is hot dropping a capital ship (or two) onto enemies.  I especially hate it the other way around.  I’m sure I made this point clear in my last paragraph, but the whole “one-upped your rinky dinky fleet!” mentality in Eve bugs me sometimes.  In my ideal world, true 1v1s would be common, and everyone says GF in local after the action –  I hardly consider smartbombing someone as they pass through the gate worthy of a “gf.”  But that’s just my two isk.

Bang for the Buck

Most everything I fly has a good spread between the ability to deal damage, take it, and/or avoid it. Hence why my Sleipnir claims the header space above this entry. To me, the Sleip is the perfect low security ship. It has a LOT of firepower, outgunning all of my other ships. Also, it comes complete with a massive tank, due in no small part to a faction grade X-Large shield booster, and finally rounds it off by being faster than most cruisers when gunning full speed. (Albeit not nearly as maneuverable) The only real downside to flying that thing is the ludicrous cost.  I believe that my Sleip’s total pricetag is set somewhere just below half a billion isk.  Whether or not it’s actually worth that price to fly remains to be seen, when I can almost fully insure a Hurricane and just pay for mods.  But that brings me to my next point, battlecruisers.  BCs are the absolute BEST bang-for-your-buck ships that you will get in Eve.  In addition to being well balanced ships, they remain fairly cheap (sitting at least below 40million isk, usually).  Every single one can also be fit exceedingly well for any situation… yes, even a DPS drake…. (./me shudders).  So if you take anything from this blog, be it that:

A. Mike hates battleships.

B. Mike really hates capitals.

C. Mike would appreciate you not popping his Sleipnir.

D. Mike thinks you should fly battlecruisers more.



3 Responses to “Size Matters”

  1. Yep it’s a shame about the blobbing but it’s blob or be blobbed around where we live these days. We do try to avoid it when possible but pos bashes are not the places for 1on1s 🙂 agree with you on the bs though, I always quite enjoyed doing armour bc roams with guardians so fit up and armour cane and we could have a go, or could bring basis and you can use your precious sleip :-p

    They blobbed us first! :-p

  2. lol i wrote a huge comment for this on my itouch and it didnt post, grr

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