Blob Wars: 2010

New Ship, New Friend, New Killma… wait, nevermind.

After a solid chunk of time without a good roam,  I once again returned to the skies for some good old pillaging and plundering.  At first it seemed as if the plan would flop and we would all spend the night spinning ships.  Luckily, a novice, yet capable, FC volunteered to take us through lowsec.  While we did not end up engaging anything, the exercise proved invaluable to two of our five-man fleet.  Nobodee, who just recently started playing, and LGZombie (a personal friend of mine) who started not two day ago both did exceptionally  well as far as fleet movement goes.  The experience of being out there helped both become better players.

But enough of the praise, let’s get to the grit.  I may have some aura around me that attracts these sorts of things, but it seems like half of the roams I go on get blobbed by 20+ man fleets.  It was a testament to everyone involved tonight that no ships were lost when we got caught on a gate after a poorly spread warp.  If you’ve learned anything from reading my past posts, you probably know that I love new ships.  For the first time in a long time, I purchased a flew a Vagabond.  I love it.  Speed, firepower, a decent buffer – this ship has everything I like in a small-medium sized package.  I don’t know how I expect to fly all of the ships I’ve managed to stockpile in Tannolen VI; I suppose there’s nothing wrong with having plenty to choose from.  To be honest, I was worried about how viable the vaga would be in a post-nano universe.  Those worries were put aside after I burned off of the Oinasiken gate, underwear soiled, as assorted faction and non-faction battleships pummeled my stern.

A bit of false advertising.

Okay, so the title of the blog is fairly misleading.  There was no super-duper one-upping blob war in lowsec this time.  The current title, however, is far more interesting than, “We ran away a lot!”  Sadly, tonight’s events have only served to strengthen my resolve against flying the dreaded Battleship.

I’m not sure if my blog is popular enough to get my questions answered, though I’m curious to know how fellow Minmatar pilots feel about the viability of the Vagabond in our post-nano Eve.  Even if you don’t fly scaffolding explosions like I do, I’m curious to know how you feel about the one useful HAC Minnies have.  Let’s face it, the Muninn is about is useful as the Eagle… not very.

Also, it’s no longer Wednesday and I apologize.  Despite my desire to update this as close to daily as I can get, I’m having a hard time finding things to write about.  (Once again, not sure if enough people read this, but I encourage all of you to leave comments with whatever you want me to write about.)  I know I put notice saying I’ll update Wednesdays and Saturdays, but we’ll see how that works for me.    Such is the plague that many face though.  Although, I meant to get a s0lid schedule down for when I post blogs, but I didn’t have much to write about until a few hours ago.


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