Out and About

Hey, just a notice to anyone wondering.  I’ve been busy recently playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and League of Legends with a bunch of my friends.  As such, I haven’t had much time devoted to Eve recently.  I should be back into the capsule in a few days and a new blog post to go with it.

Fly reckless!


5 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. We have been gate camping alot this week. Not everyones favorite activity but it certainly gets some interesting reactions. Mostly from the bears… The most comical has been from a fairly new pilot pissed about being smartbombed, and threatning us with a wardec. W0w then did some reasearch and found the bears alliance pvp record to be less than stellar. Shortly afterward the bear then expressed that he wanted his destroyer BPO back that was in his wreck. W0w then sold it back to him for a sum of just above market value… The poor bastard should have just purchased another one lol

    On the other hand HeHateMe yelling in local just before a shuttle or pod warps into his array of prismatic smart death is always a laugh.

  2. Miiiiiiike!

  3. Well, that’s a bummer… I stop by and find yer on vacation too.

    Let me know if you want to get rid of your ship cache. =P

  4. miiiiike

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