Never thought smacktalk would hold me up for so long.

Posted in 1 on March 1, 2010 by Mike Wittman

My introduction.

Hello and welcome to Duct Tape Engineering, Rank V!   As everyone knows, in order to pass flight school in the Minmatar Republic, you must train both Duct Tape Engineering and Paper Clip Dynamics to at least rank IV.

If you got that joke, then you’ve played Eve long enough to appreciate what I hope to write here.  DTEV (Wow, I already have a pretty cool acronym for the blog.  :D) will be focused on whatever I feel like writing about.  Whether it’s cool things inside the Eve Universe, a writeup of a roam, my personal thoughts on the state of the game or just the ramblings of a Matari pirate, it’s my hope that I will be able to provide an interesting and fully featured blog to whomever would like to read it.

Although an Eve pirate blog is hardly something new and exciting (or even a little bit original…) I’m looking to make Eve more fun by documenting my shenanigans.

The finer details.

Some personal info: My character name is Mike Wittman.  I was recently employed by the Immortalis Inc. corporation and am now a proud member of the Shadow Cartel alliance.  Most of my days are spent roaming lowsec looking for potential targets and doing my very best to not get blobbed by enormous faction warfare fleets.  As was made apparent by the name of this blog, I fly as a Minmatar, currently with about 24 million skillpoints.  My favorite ship to fly is my Sleipnir and when I’m not out taking advantage of opportunities for “opportunity based interstellar asset reallocation,” I’m relaxing in my Bohemian pad the top station of Tannolan.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I would say “fly safe,” but I would honestly prefer to see you on the receiving end of my autocannons.